She’s smart, talented & she loves the Drive-in

She’s smart, talented & she loves the Drive-in

Everyone, say hello to Liana.
Liana, say hello to everyone.

Dennis Cozzalio and I met Liana a few months ago at the Vineland Drive-in snack bar on the night our very LAST “meet & greet” night.

Seems she was working on her final journalism project for the “Scene” magazine, a Cal State Northridge publication. Of all things this young woman of the pre/post millennial generation could have chosen to write about, Liana decided to go retro with her article and write about drive-in movie theaters. Now I am not sure if Liana even knew there were still drive-ins in or around L.A. but somehow she contacted Frank Huttinger of De Anza Land & Leisure who own the Mission Tiki as well as a few other drive-ins in SoCal.

Thru Franks good grace he recommended to Liana that she might want to talk with these crazy folks from the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society who just happen to be having a “meet & greet” night at the Vineland on that upcoming Saturday night.

So to make a long story short this lovely and talented young woman (like how I buttered her up) sat and talked with us for the better part of 2 hours and after a follow-up telephone interview a few days later Liana promised to send Dennis and I a copy of the magazine once it was published. So all these weeks later it finally arrived (just kidding : ). Since I have one copy and Dennis has another we couldn’t possibly share it with all of you… or could we? Abracadabra and thru the miracle of the electronic phenomenon known as the internet Liana has graciously posted the entire “unedited”article on her personal blog for all of us to read and share with our drive-in friends.

On behalf of the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society we want to thank you Liana for helping us spread the word that the drive-in movie theater is alive and well and still going strong.

Sal Gomez


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