Road Trip to the Skyline Drive-In

Road Trip to the Skyline Drive-In

The following is from Kathy Beyers, Co-Founder of the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society as she reflects on her experience traveling out to the high desert of Barstow California…

We hit the road about 11am and the drive to Barstow took just under 2 hours. We checked into our motel and headed over to Yermo to have lunch at the nearby Peggy Sue’s Diner, then visited the Route 66 museum and met up with the rest of DIMS for a nice dinner before heading over to the drive-in.

The Skyline Drive-In is one of my favorite theaters

As the sun goes down, the twinkling lights of Barstow appear behind the main screen for a truly spectacular sight. Both screens offer Technolight projection and the audio quality is excellent. The snackbar has great food and a friendly staff (Flicks candy anyone?), and the restrooms have always been clean. If the nearby Harvey House is the Casa del Desierto, the Skyline is the Diamond of the Desert – what a gem!

Randy Shull really knows how to run a theater – he has the experience and dedication to make this drive-in a first class operation. He took a few minutes to chat with our group and told us an amazing story about an opening night promotion he did a few years back, and SoCalDIMS will hopefully post the full story in the coming months. I have never heard of any theater anywhere doing what he did, and I wish I could have been there!

I always stop at the Skyline for a movie whenever I’m on my way to (and from) Vegas. The Skyline sits just off the 15 and is within sight of historic Route 66. Barstow is a wonderful little town, with great places to eat and a couple of museums that were very interesting. The Motel 6 there is very quiet and has always been a great place to stay.

Our group had a wonderful time – I think we’ll be making many more trips to the Skyline Drive-In and Barstow!

– Kathy Beyers.


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