More Movie-Goers are Driving in

More Movie-Goers are Driving in

Special to The Press-Enterprise

Since he was laid off, Van Abbott, a 43-year-old Riverside resident has had to cut back on what he spends taking his family out.So, about twice a month, he, his wife and their 4-year-old daughter go to the Rubidoux Drive-in Theatre in Riverside.

“This is cheap entertainment. It’s $14 for the three of us,” he said recently as he stood in line at the concessions area. “By the time we’re done, we spend $25. What else can you do for $25?”Abbott’s family is one of a growing number discovering drive-in movies are an inexpensive alternative to walk-in theaters. Attendance is up more than 5 percent at the two drive-ins in Riverside, said Frank Huttinger, CEO of De Anza Land and Leisure Corp., which runs the only three drive-in theaters in the Inland Empire: Rubidoux and Van Buren drive-ins in Riverside and Mission Tiki Drive-in Theatre in Montclair.


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