Introducing the WNYDIMS

Introducing the WNYDIMS

Inspired directly by Sal and SoCalDIMS comes the Western New York Drive-in Movie Society or the WNYDIMS….

We have lost two drive-ins in the last 3 years. and we would prefer to not lose anymore.

Here is a press release we sent to the local media. Thanks for the tips and inspiration, Sal!

Local Drive-In Enthusiasts Announce Formation Of WNYDIMS

October 2, 2007 (Lockport, NY): A group of local drive-in movie enthusiasts have announced the creation of the Western New York Drive-In Movie Society of WNYDIMS for short. The group was created as a way for fans of the drive-in movie experience to gather together and share stories about their drive-in memories and to also hold regular gatherings at the remaining local drive-in theaters in Western New York. The group is currently taking new members, and there is no cost to join the organization. Anyone that is interested in getting more information is encouraged to contact WNYDIMS President George Root.

“The drive-in is about so much more than just the movie that we wanted to educate people about what they are missing out on,” Root said. According to Root, the announcement of the closing of the Buffalo Drive-In, scheduled to happen after the 2007 season, prompted the group to begin coming together and help bring awareness to the remaining drive-in theaters. “We just want everyone in Western New York to know that there are still drive-ins open in the area, and they are worth saving. It is a whole family experience without any hassles or need for a babysitter. Where else can you get two movies for the price of one and still not have to pay for someone to watch the kids?”

The WNYDIMS hopes to spend the winter organizing in anticipation of the 2008 season. The group is not only hoping for participation from drive-in fans but also from the drive-ins themselves. “Oh, sure, we want the drive-in owners to be a part of this. After all, without them, we wouldn’t have drive-in movies at all.”


WNYDIMS is an organization created solely to raise awareness for the existing drive-in movie theaters in Western New York state and to give drive-in fans a place to find more people that appreciate the drive-in experience.


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