Grindhouse and SoCalDIMS

Grindhouse and SoCalDIMS

GrindHouse Tailgate Party Wrap-up!

On April 7th 2007 SoCal DIMS kicked off a new theme for our “Night Out” events by holding a TAILGATE Party at the Mission Tiki Drive-in in honor of the release of Tarantino/Rodriguez’s film GRINDHOUSE.

To say it was a successful night is to say the least. It was by far the most fun we’ve ever had since we started our “Night Outs” over 2 years ago.

There was food aplenty. Just like a traditional tailgate party that you would find at a ball game there was fried chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, an open B-B-Q, chips and plenty of drinks to wash it all down.

And since we had made arrangements for SoCalDIMS members to enter the drive-in early, there was plenty of time to say hello to friends, meet new ones and just simply have some drive-in fun before the start of our feature presentation.

As the time approached for the film to start, Dennis Cozzalio and I escorted Warren Meyers to the projection booth to use the P.A. system so we could thank all our SoCalDIMS friends and the regular drive-in guests for coming out and supporting the drive-in experience.

A special thank you to Frank Huttinger and Teri Oldknow for their usual wonderful hospitality and to Todd Williams and Doug Davis of the Mission Tiki Drive-In. What a great night and a wonderful way for all of us to kick-off the 2007 summer movie season…. UNDER THE STARS !


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