Extreme Makeover – The Van Buren Drive-In

Extreme Makeover – The Van Buren Drive-In

Yesterday the folks over at DeAnza Land and Leisure Corp, owners and operators of the Rubidoux, South Bay and Starlight Six Drive-ins as well as the beautifully revived Mission Tiki Drive-in announced their intention to work the same magic on the Van Buren Drive-in in Riverside California.

The Van Buren Drive-in Theater, located in the historic Arlington District of Riverside opened in 1964 as a classic single screen drive-in. The Van Buren’s new branding embraces The City of Riverside’s cultural heritage. The theater is currently being renovated with a California Citrus Ranch theme. Renovations will be completed for the summer season of 2008.

From the Van Burens new website the announced renovations will include the box offices, snack bar building, marquee and surrounding landscaping and will use the theming of an old California Orange Ranch. But the most striking element of this renovation will be the brand new mural that will be painted on the original screen tower that will depict a 1930’s vista of old Riverside.

You can visit their brand new website and we are told that pictures of the first phases of reconstruction will be coming our way soon. We here at SoCalDIMS will be at the Van Buren on July 26 for one of our summer tailgate parties and we of course will take plenty of pictures and video to share with the rest of you.


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