Online property insurance deals

Searching online for home insurance coverage can be kind of tough. Many people find this method to be very confusing. However, do you know that most property insurance deals can be found online? Yes, it’s true! So why not try your luck at finding these deals on the web?

Before you try your luck online, you will need to know the basics of home insurance. So let’s begin! It is important that you are aware of the many different types of home insurance policies that you can pick from. That way you will be able to determine what type of coverage you need.

With the many different types of home insurance policies available, it’s very tricky to figure out what policies best fit your needs. Here are the top 3 most popular types of policies to consider according to

Top 3 Policy Types You Should Consider

HO-1 – Otherwise known as a basic form. This is considered to be the most basic coverage when it comes to your home. This will help protect your home against these 10 perils:

  • Fire
  • Explosions
  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damages due to other vehicles
  • Damages from aircraft
  • Riots
  • Volcanoes

Next the HO-2 – This is a broad form policy. This is a very common type of property insurance policy. It will cover all the perils in an HO-1 policy plus these:

  • Fallen Object Damage
  • Snow and Ice weight
  • Household system freezes
  • Pipe or household issues
  • Overflow of water
  • Electrical damage

Finally Ho-3. This is a special form policy. It is also a common type of home insurance. This is due to this policies broad coverage range and its affordability. This will cover all perils in HO-2 and beyond that. The add-ons that this policy will cover is your home and attached structures, like a deck or garage, your belongings, and personal liability.

How can I find property insurance deals?

In order to find some affordable home insurance, follow the steps provided below. If you are ready to start shopping online for property insurance that fits your budget, carefully follow these steps and you will be finding some great deals!

Comparison Shopping is Key!

Shopping around and collecting property insurance quotes online is a guaranteed way to score a deal. Comparing quotes and shopping around will enable you to get an idea of rates and how much you will be paying for home coverage.

While collecting your quotes, remember to collect 3 or more. You won’t get great deals by collecting one single quote! Collect as many as you can, the more collected, the higher the chance of receiving deals.

Never Forget about the Discounts

You also need to keep an eye out if you are eligible for discounts. Many shoppers are eligible for some great discounts. All you have to do is ask. The carrier will try to charge as much as possible for the policy. You have to make them think you can get a better deal somewhere else.

Never Give up!

Be persistent! You got this! Take your time, collect the quotes you need here, and be aware of what type of coverage you need. Affordable property insurance is obtainable!

Santa Barbara Drive-In Theater Road Trip

SoCalDIMS Visits the Santa Barbara Drive-In

When people think of Santa Barbara , they think of beaches, shopping, Amtrak, and fine dining. But drive-in theatres? Well, thanks to chance circumstances,West Wind has reopened the Santa Barbara Drive-In Theatre in Goleta ,just a few exits north of Santa Barbara ’s State Street . And what a theatre itis…just like Rocky, this drive-in certainly goes the distance! Opened in 1968 as a twin screener, the Santa Barbara Drive-In closed in 1991. However the Public Market swap meet has run continuously on the property, negating any disrepair or vandalism usually imminent once a drive in goes dark. The second screen was removed several years ago after blowing down in a windstorm, but the second lot and projection booth are intact and house the area for the Market.

SoCalDIMS was very excited to learn of this theatre’sreopening, but it took us awhile to check things out. Finally, in August 2010,we were able to go road tripping to Santa Barbara to get a first hand look at this wonderful newaddition to the SoCal drive-in landscape.

The Santa Barbara Drive-In offers ridiculously easy freeway access: from the 101 take the exit for 217 and the airport, get off and turn right on Hollister, and then left on Kellog a couple of blocks down. The drive in sits just around the bend from a row of car dealerships, hidden from view. As there is no businesses in the immediate vicinity, there is no light pollution, and once the sun sets the night sky dazzles with such an array of twinkling stars you think you’ve suddenly been transported to Arizona or Alabama . The cool ocean breeze makes viewing an outdoor movie quite pleasant, with no trace of smog or mosquitos!

I was not expecting the rural country charm of this wonderful drive-in. The Syufy snack bar is a sight to behold, with its curved dome and wonderfully vintage supports. The food was delicious,featuring Nathan’s hot dogs, hamburgers, churros, ice cream treats,candy, and tasty popcorn! The prices were very reasonable, and there was room to sit on the patio and enjoy your meal. I especially loved the drive-in collector cup with retro graphics!

The lot holds up to 500 cars and the staff was very friendly and helpful. There is a parking attendant to make sure taller vehicles park behind the first few rows to ensure good viewing for cars. Having one of these larger vehicles was not a problem as the view was perfect from where I was as well. The crowd was very excited to be at the drive-in: many set up lawn chairs and some brought their dogs! One patron proudly told others that it was his first drive-in visit ever and he was having a great time.

The Santa Barbara Drive-In sits next to the Santa Barbara Airport , and occasionally planes descended along the back of the property. Noise was never a problem while we were there, and I enjoyed watching their descent into the setting sun. Once The movies started, the projection was very bright, and the sound quality ofthe films (through your car speakers or portable radio) was excellent.

Manager Ken Krummes was very welcoming and his pride for this theatre was evident. He said the reopening came about due to a request from a local charity to rent the theatre for a special movie night. Initial Plans were delayed, but once the event took place it was a huge success, and soon after a Facebook page was launched campaigning for the permanent reopening of the theatre. West Wind, who had previously reopened a drive-in in Concord , CA ,decided to give it a try, and the Santa Barbara Drive-In opened in May for atrial summer run.

Upcoming events at the theatre include a free movie night on September 16, 2010. Gates will open at 6pm for an 8pm showing of“Inception” followed by ”The A-Team.” There will be music and games for the kids, and free movie nights will hopefully become an annual event. I’m sure there will be plenty of fun and excitement forall! I really hope this theatre is successful and remains in operation. Hopefully the nearby college students will support it, and day-trippers to Santa Barbara will include it on their agenda before heading back home. The drive-in has a Facebook page (SantaBarbara) which posts movie times and news updates, and the West Wind site also has it listed with their other theatres.

We here at SoCalDIMS certainly plan to patronize this theatre as much as possible, and hopefully it will be around to for many years to come. We can’t wait to go back!

Some thoughts on the closing of the Skyline Twin Drive-in

Earlier this week we received word that the Skyline Twin Drive-In, a beautiful dual screen drive-in in the Desert town of Barstow California had closed its doors. SoCal DiMS had made a road trip out to the Skyline earlier this summer and had been very impressed with Randy Shull and his efforts to keep this drive-in open and viable and technically up to date.

SoCalDIMS founding member Kathy Beyers would like to share some thoughts on the loss of this theater to our drive-in community:

Some Thoughts on the Skyline Drive-In, Barstow, CA

I am very saddened by the news of the Skyline closing, and have a few thoughts on the subject concerning operators/leasing issues. Larry Rodkey (owner) grew up on the Sunset drive-in property in San Luis Obispo and started learning the drive-in business when he was just a kid. At one point his Rodkey Theaters owned or leased 4 theaters: 3 drive-ins and 1 restored walk in.

The Sunset is nowhere near the Skyline so it’s not like he could just run over there every day and check on things…

Barstow is a small town which sits in the desert. It has to pull patrons in from 3 surrounding communities (40 miles away) to stay busy. Thousands of people pass by on the interstate, but few seem to stop in Barstow except for lunch and fuel on the way to Vegas. When SoCaldims was there earlier in the summer Randy said business had been down for a couple of years now.

Randy Shull, a long-time drive-in manager, has the Skyline in tip-top shape, even though there had been some weather related incidents in the past year. His love for this theatre was obvious, but he also has a family and a full-time job in town. He did a really cool thing with the first Transformers movie promotion and got totally ignored by the industry people for which it was intended…his disappointment was evident.

I think Randy and Larry have both done a commendable job in bringing the Skyline back to life after it sat vacant for a long while and keeping it going for as long as they did. Maybe someone will step in at some point and continue the operation. This is a really nice drive-in but like all of them is not without its challenges.

I know I will miss it, and I’m sure all the patrons in Barstow, Apple Valley, and Victorville will as well.


Viva Las Vegas at the Mission Tiki

Turner Classic Movies and the folks from the Deanza company continued their summer run of Sunday evening classic movies under the stars with a screening of Elvis Presley and Ann Margret in Viva Las Vegas at the Mission Tiki Drive-In in Montclair California.

And what a turn out there was to behold. Elvis Presley can still pack the house. Projectionist Jeff Thurman made the announcement over the FM transmitter that on this night, the Mission Tiki was proud to announce that we were part of the largest crowd for these summer classic movie night. Every gave themselves a round of applause by tooting their horns and flashing their headlights.

And then it happened… The MGM logo appeared and the music kicked up and we all sat back to watch and listen to the King of Rock n’ Roll move and groove alongside the sultry and swinging Ann Margret. If you couldn’t make it there, well then you really missed a great night.

Road Trip to the Skyline Drive-In

The following is from Kathy Beyers, Co-Founder of the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society as she reflects on her experience traveling out to the high desert of Barstow California…

We hit the road about 11am and the drive to Barstow took just under 2 hours. We checked into our motel and headed over to Yermo to have lunch at the nearby Peggy Sue’s Diner, then visited the Route 66 museum and met up with the rest of DIMS for a nice dinner before heading over to the drive-in.

The Skyline Drive-In is one of my favorite theaters

As the sun goes down, the twinkling lights of Barstow appear behind the main screen for a truly spectacular sight. Both screens offer Technolight projection and the audio quality is excellent. The snackbar has great food and a friendly staff (Flicks candy anyone?), and the restrooms have always been clean. If the nearby Harvey House is the Casa del Desierto, the Skyline is the Diamond of the Desert – what a gem!

Randy Shull really knows how to run a theater – he has the experience and dedication to make this drive-in a first class operation. He took a few minutes to chat with our group and told us an amazing story about an opening night promotion he did a few years back, and SoCalDIMS will hopefully post the full story in the coming months. I have never heard of any theater anywhere doing what he did, and I wish I could have been there!

I always stop at the Skyline for a movie whenever I’m on my way to (and from) Vegas. The Skyline sits just off the 15 and is within sight of historic Route 66. Barstow is a wonderful little town, with great places to eat and a couple of museums that were very interesting. The Motel 6 there is very quiet and has always been a great place to stay.

Our group had a wonderful time – I think we’ll be making many more trips to the Skyline Drive-In and Barstow!

– Kathy Beyers.