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The Southern California Drive-In Movie Society (SoCalDIMS) was established in 2005 by a group of drive-in theater fans who felt there was a need to spread the word that there are drive-ins still open and operating in Southern California. It is our desire to help keep these fabulous venues open and operating for generations to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

How did SoCalDIMS get formed?

SoCalDIMS first started back in June 2005 by Chris Utley. A small group of us answered and invitation by Chris to meet at the Mission Tiki Drive-In in Montclair, California to possibly form a drive-in fan club. That first meeting formed the idea that a drive-in movie society could help spread the word that although drive-in theaters have declined in recent years, the drive-ins that were still open and operating and drive-in fans like us could help make a difference in their longevity.

How many members do you have?

There are 8 core members that you can refer to as a “board” but we have a membership email list of 200+ drive-in fans.

How is SoCalDIMS connected with operators of local drive-in Theaters?

Since our inception SoCal DIMS members have made personal connections with our local drive-in owners and operators. Because of this we are able to organize special events on our behalf.