L.A. Curbed reports on tonight's 
Re-Grand Opening of the Paramount Drive-in

Filmmaker April Wright's Love Letter to the Drive-in movie experience
will make it's Hollywood premier at the world famous
Egyptian Theater
for the American Cinematheque
Sunday night December 15th at 7:30.

There will be a Q&A with April Wright after the film followed
by the double feature, Francis Ford Coppola's 1963 film
Dementia 13

For tickets follow the link below:

April Wright’s excellent documentary on the history of the
American drive-in movie theater, GOING ATTRACTIONS, will
have it's Los Angeles drive-in premier 
when the movie screens
*AT THE MISSION TIKI DRIVE-IN* as part of a triple feature program!

GOING ATTRACTIONS is a vibrant, energetic tribute to an
American institution that, despite all trends and predictors,
remains on the pop culture map, thanks to great venues like
the Mission Tiki and the tireless efforts of folks like
April and the Southern California Drive-in Movie Society,
who will be presenting the movie with April for this special event.
(The movie even features Yours Truly among much more luminous
interviewees like Roger Corman!
And at the drive-in you can look away when I’m on screen and no one will know!)

The show starts at 7:30 p.m., and it’s a good thing because the schedule
will be the tasty creamy center of a great outdoor movie Oreo cookie,
sandwiched in between a great double bill of
Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY, starring Sandra Bullock and
George Clooney, and PRISONERS, starring Hugh Jackman and Viola Davis!
That’s a lot of entertainment for a very low price: $7.00 for adults, $1.00 for kids 9 and under.

More details will be forthcoming very soon on the Mission Tiki’s Web site
at http://www.missiontiki.com/ so stay tuned. If you're in town,
we hope to see you there this Saturday night, October 5, at the Mission Tiki Drive-in!

April Wright’s excellent documentary on the history of the American drive-in movie theater,
GOING ATTRACTIONS, has been available on DVD for a couple of months now,
but lucky Los Angeles drive-in fans will be getting a very special treat
THIS COMING SATURDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 5, when the movie screens
*AT THE MISSION TIKI DRIVE-IN* as part of a triple feature program!

GOING ATTRACTIONS is a vibrant, energetic tribute to an American institution that,
despite all trends and predictors, remains on the pop culture map,
thanks to great venues like the Mission Tiki and the tireless efforts of folks like
April and the Southern California Drive-in Movie Society,
who will be presenting the movie with April for this special event.
(The movie even features Yours Truly among much more luminous interviewees like Roger Corman!
And at the drive-in you can look away when I’m on screen and no one will know!)

The show starts at 7:30 p.m., and it’s a good thing because the schedule is packed! GOING ATTRACTIONS
will be the tasty creamy center of a great outdoor movie Oreo cookie,
sandwiched in between a great double bill of Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY, starring Sandra Bullock
and George Clooney, and PRISONERS, starring Hugh Jackman and Viola Davis!
That’s a lot of entertainment for a very low price: $7.00 for adults, $1.00 for kids 9 and under.

More details will be forthcoming very soon on the Mission Tiki’s Web site
at http://www.missiontiki.com/ so stay tuned. If you're in town,
we hope to see you there this Saturday night, October 5, at the Mission Tiki Drive-in!

Digital Coming to The Vineland Drive-In


City of Industry

The last REAL drive-in theater in L.A. & Orange County will finally be converting to digital projectors very soon. Some say VERY VERY soon. This is very good news for all of this theater's loyal patrons and drive-in fans. The incredible improvement in picture and sound every other drive-in that has converted over in the last 12 months has experienced has also seen their box office increase which has been directly related to the improvements made with this technology.

The Vinelands convergence comes directly on the heels of digital conversions at The Mission Tiki, Rubidoux and Van Buren drive-ins in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Wonderful news for drive-in movie goers all over Southern California. Visit all of these drive-ins real soon and tell them SoCalDIMS sent you. See you all under the stars.

Help Save the Scottsdale 6 Drive-In

Hello drive-in theater fans. Our friends in Arizona need your help and support. Here is a letter from Jill Scott who represents a group of drive-in fans trying to convince the powers that be to keep their beloved drive-in open and operating and serving their community:

The following is the email I've sent to the various newsdesks in the valley. I strongly encourage
all SAVE THE SIX members to reach out and do the same. :)

Subject: 34 year old valley tradition appears to have come to a close...

While Harkins is celebrating its 78th anniversary with free movies, a beloved
 valley drive-in theater has had to close its doors after 34 years of operation.

The Scottsdale 6 drive-in first opened its gates at McKellips and Hayden roads Feb. 7, 1977.
However, the current land lease with the Salt River Pima Maricopa community has expired.
While negotiations and deliberations were still taking place, it appears that the
possibility that Scottsdale 6 having their lease renewed is no longer an option.

The following statements and attached photo were taken from Scottsdale 6 Facebook page -

September 2, 2011 -
"The following statement regarding the closure of the Scottsdale 6 Drive
has been authorized by West Wind Drive Ins:

Unfortunately, we do not know when we will reopen. Our lease has expired but we are still in
negotiations with the Salt River Pima Maricopa community to extend our lease.
We will update our Facebook and Website when we know more.
Thanks again for your email and please visit the Glendale 9 Drive In for your movie going experience!"

September 8, 2011 -
"From the staff and management of the Scottsdale 6 Drive:

Thank you all for your passionate support. We are saddened by all that has
happened in the last few days; however, no matter how deep our sadness,
we ask you to please refrain from making this into a war of ugly words.
Please be civil to each other, and to the members of the SRPMIC community,
 many of whom continue to support the drive-in. We miss you all,
and hope one day we will get the chance to entertain you again."

A grassroots campaign was started on Facebook, "Save The Scottsdale 6 Drive-In",
to rally support. After 4 days of going live, the group has well over 200+ members.
The community of drive-in moviegoers are saddened by the apparent closure.

Any light and public visibility that can be shed on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,
Jill C.

Join their efforts to save the Scottsdale 6 Drive-in by joining their group on FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/247438798603432/
If you have friends or relative please them to do the same. SoCalDIMS members know how lucky we are to have more than one theater within our large communities. Extend your support for this effort. Thanks!
Sal - CoFounder SoCalDIMS

A Drive-in May be Reborn in Tuscon


The Cactus Drive-In Theatre Foundation, a non-profit, is attempting
to raise funds as they are dedicated to rebuilding a drive-in theatre.
Their goal is for the theater to provide fun for the
whole family in an affordable safe environment.

They even held a fundraiser Saturday July 16th, 2011.
For the first time since 2009, Tucson residents had the opportunity
to see movies under the stars. Showing at a temporary location was
This is the same movie that played at the DeAnza on its closing night in 2009.


All of us Drive In Fans wish the best of luck in their
efforts to keep the drive in alive in America.
For more information, history, event schedule or to
make a donation check them out at

Here are some links to drive-ins in the news:

Drive-in still has following:

Waiting for the movie to start:

Welcome to the Dixie Twin:

Facebook 'saves' Drive-In:

Drive-In recovers from destruction:

One drive-in's struggle with digital format:

El Dorado Drive-In reopens:

Admiral Twin celebrates groundbreaking:

Special thanks to B. Shinabarger

Guess what??


SoCalDIMS now has a Youtube Channel.


There are only a couple of videos there now. Due to copyright
issues some of our older videos will not be migrated over
to this dedicated channel. Sorry.
Look for new content in the near future.

And don't forget to tell your friends....


If you are planning on attending this weekends SoCalDIMS Tailgate night
at the Mission Tiki Drive-in we have some great news.

The management of the Mission Tiki will allow us early entrance privileges
to the theater grounds if you arrive between 6:00pm and 6:30pm at
the State Street entrance which located at the rear of the theater grounds.

Here is a link to Yelp that shows a map that will help you to maneuver
you and your friends to the State Street entrance. Make sure you inform
the staff that you are there with SoCalDIMS.


Projector: A Drive-In Theater Project

As a drive-in theater fan, have you ever wanted to
be involved in a project that you could say from the heart...

"I made this movie"

Well here is your chance to be involved. Follow this
link to view a preview clip of a film that is seeking
donations to help fund the production.


DOLBY 3D Movies
coming to the Galaxy Drive-In Theater

Lone Star Adventure: Galaxy Drive-In: MyFoxDFW.com

More Movie-Goers are Driving in

Special to The Press-Enterprise

Since he was laid off, Van Abbott, a 43-year-old Riverside resident has had to cut back on what he spends taking his family out.So, about twice a month, he, his wife and their 4-year-old daughter go to the Rubidoux Drive-in Theatre in Riverside.

"This is cheap entertainment. It's $14 for the three of us," he said recently as he stood in line at the concessions area. "By the time we're done, we spend $25. What else can you do for $25?"Abbott's family is one of a growing number discovering drive-in movies are an inexpensive alternative to walk-in theaters. Attendance is up more than 5 percent at the two drive-ins in Riverside, said Frank Huttinger, CEO of DeAnza Land and Leisure Corp., which runs the only three drive-in theaters in the Inland Empire: Rubidoux and Van Buren drive-ins in Riverside and Mission Tiki Drive-in Theatre in Montclair.

To read the full article visit the Riverside Press Enterprise site at: http://www.pe.com/localnews/stories/PE_News_Local_D_drivein30.2a0eeb2.html

From the Santa Barbara Independent:

Santa Barbara Drive-In to Reopen

Will Screen Movies for the Summer, Possibly Throughout the Year

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just in time for the hotly anticipated summer movie crop, the Santa Barbara Drive-In Theater located at 907 South Kellogg Avenue will reopen its gates on May 7, with the screening of Paramount’s Iron Man 2.

Last month, West Wind — Santa Barbara Drive-In’s parent company — was asked to host a screening at its Santa Barbara location to benefit a local charity. “We were shocked at the results,” said Tony Maniscalco, VP of Marketing. “The turnout surpassed our expectations so it got us thinking about the possibility of reopening the drive-in. What really solidified our decision to reopen was a Facebook page launched after the event called ‘Re-Open the Santa Barbara Drive-In.’ In just nine days approximately 6,500 people joined.”

The reopening comes on the wings of a drive-in resurgence of sorts. “Though drive-in numbers will never be as high as they were in the 1950s, the industry seems to be on an upswing,” said a spokesperson for the United Drive-In Theater Association.

“I can't wait [for the opening] ... now that I have grandkids, they can come to the drive in like their parents used to do ... open the back of the van, blankets and pillows all around,” wrote one Facebook user.

Nostalgic cinephiles will enjoy a far more technologically advanced audio-visual experience this time around. “The presentation of the picture on screen is significantly brighter than it was 19 years ago. In addition, the Dolby Digital sound is now sent through your FM car stereo speakers ... the old poles and squawk box speakers are long gone,” stated the company's announcement.

Tickets for a double feature, which all screenings will be, cost $6.75 for adults, $1.00 for 5- to 11-year-olds, and are free for children under 4 years old, with a special discount on Tuesdays.

Santa Barbara Drive-In is set to operate until the end of this summer, although there is a possibility that it will continue to operate until the end of the year, depending on attendance, said a spokesperson for West Wind.

Check here for tickets and showtimes.

The 2010 Tailgate summer schedule has been posted.
Follow this link:


Vineland Drive-In Page

Starting today the SoCalDIMS Vineland Drive-In Theater
information page will no longer provide weekly up to date
theater information or film listings and show times.
Pacific Theatres has launched it's own official website containing all the
pertinent information you will need to plan a fun evening at the drive-in.

The SoCalDIMS Vineland page has been transformed into a
Vineland Drive-In Tribute page. When you visit the Vineland page you will
notice that we now have a comment section where you can
leave us you memories, thoughts, concerns or share with us your
recent visit to the drive-in. Feel free to share what you like but lets try to
keep any mean spirited comments to yourself.

Thank you all for making our vineland Drive-In page a
huge success and visit the official page at


SoCalDIMS now on Facebook

The Southern California Drive-In Movie Society
is now on Facebook along with several of our local
area drive-in theaters.

Visit us by following the link below.


Don't forget to join us tomorrow night September 20th for our
"End of Summer" tailgate party at the Vineland Drive-In
in the City of Industry.

You can find more information on our 2008 Tailgate Schedule page


Once there don't forget to play our Scavenger Hunt Trivia Question.
Bring your correct answer to the drive-in on Saturday night and you
just might win a nice little prize.
See you then!

Overheard at the Santee Drive-In

SoCalDIMS friend and fellow drive-in theater fan Jay Allen Sanford,
who also happens to be a talented writer and cartoonist, has a new
entry into his Overheard in San Diego column for September 5, 2008 
featuring the Santee Drive-In in of all places, San Diego California.

You can see more of Jay's work on the
San Diego Reader website by following this link:


A SoCalDIMS Event

The Southern California Drive-in Movie Society has something truly special planned for San Diego drive-in fans on July 26. Author Michael San Giacomo will be at the South Bay Drive-in that night, along with members of SoCal DIMS, to talk to drive-in enthusiasts and sign copies of his new book, a graphic novel entitled Tales of the Starlight Drive-in, recently published by Image Comics. San Giacomo recruited 23 artists from around the world to provide the visual backdrop for 32 separate stories, all set in a mythical upstate New York drive-in. The scope of the stories illustrates the history of this one drive-in (and, by extension, all drive-ins) as they moved from their peak popularity (about 11,000 screens) to the currently depleted, but still vital 400 screens nationwide.  San Giacomo, a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and a drive-in worker in his youth, has designed the stories to stand on their own. But when read together, they form an epic novel that will cheer the souls of drive-in lovers everywhere.


San Giacomo will be attending the South Bay Drive-in on the last weekend in July with Tales of the Starlight Drive-in in conjunction with his San Diego Comic Con appearance and would love the opportunity to interact with as many of you who are interested in preserving the spirit and the popularity of drive-ins as is possible. The Southern California Drive-in Movie Society feels connected with San Giacomo in his purpose and is honored that he is joining with us in pursuit of our mutual purpose of spreading the word about the glories of the remaining drive-ins in the United States, while promoting the fascinating new literary experience he has created for those of us who hold a special place in our hearts for the drive-ins of our youth. Please join us at the South Bay Drive-in in San Diego in welcoming Michael San Giacomo to yet another special Southern California Drive-in Movie Society event!

Here is a google map to help you locate the South Bay Drive-In:

View Larger Map

Time magazine's online cousin has profiled the drive-in movie
theater as an American Icon. The article also profiles one of
our SoCal favorites, The Mission Tiki Drive-In.

This is a "MUST READ" for any drive-in fan.

Drive-in Theaters in the News

The local San Gabriel Valley newspaper, a publication of the Tribune News Corporation, publishes a yearly insert magazine titled "Living Here" that spotlights sights, businesses & the cultural diversity of the entire San Gabriel Valley area. Once again the editors have chosen to highlight our local drive-in theaters.

SoCalDIMS was contacted for the Vineland Drive-In section while Frank Huttinger and Teri Oldknow trumpeted the Reborn Mission Tiki Drive-In in Montclair.

The entire article can be read right here http://www.sgvtribune.com/livinghere/ci_9322048

Extreme Makeover - The Van Buren Drive-In

Yesterday the folks over at DeAnza Land and Leisure Corp, owners and operators of the Rubidoux, South Bay and Starlight Six Drive-ins as well as the beautifully revived Mission Tiki Drive-in announced their intention to work the same magic on the Van Buren Drive-in in Riverside California.

The Van Buren Drive-in Theater, located in the historic Arlington District of Riverside opened in 1964 as a classic single screen drive-in. The Van Buren’s new branding embraces The City of Riverside’s cultural heritage. The theater is currently being renovated with a California Citrus Ranch theme. Renovations will be completed for the summer season of 2008.

From the Van Burens new website the announced renovations will include the box offices, snack bar building, marquee and surrounding landscaping and will use the theming of an old California Orange Ranch. But the most striking element of this renovation will be the brand new mural that will be painted on the original screen tower  that will depict a 1930's vista of old Riverside.

You can visit their brand new website and we are told that pictures of the first phases of reconstruction will be coming our way soon. We here at SoCalDIMS will be at the Van Buren on July 26 for one of our summer tailgate partys and we of course will take plenty of pictures and video to share with the rest of you.

Drive-Ins & SoCalDIMS in the NEWS

The Columbia School of Journalism has posted a very nice drive-in theater article
on the Columbia News Service web site.
The article is written by Jessica Leber and it includes an interview with our friend, filmmaker April Wright
and we here at SoCalDIMS have graciously provided a nice twilight photos taken at the
Rubidoux Drive-In in Riverside. A portion of the article appears below.
To read the full text and view the great high resolution photos, click on the link below.

Richard M. Hollingshead Jr. was a manager at his father’s auto product company
when he imagined the first drive-in movie theater. “It was the middle of the Depression.
Things were going badly. He wanted to invent something that would help that
a bit,” said his son, Richard M. Hollingshead, III, now 83. Legend has it that his rather
large mother, who had trouble fitting into seats at indoor movie theaters, was also an inspiration.

Mounting a projector on the hood of his car in his driveway, Hollingshead Jr. devised and
patented a system of ramps to position cars so that they would not block one another’s view.

His son remembers the excitement of helping build the first drive-in in Camden, N.J.,
when he was 9. “I held the fence posts, and they poured the concrete,” he said.

With that, an American classic was born. On June 6, 1933, the Camden Drive-In
opened to nearly a full house, heads spilling out of windows and trunks.
For the price of a quarter a person, visitors enjoyed the
second-run British comedy “Wife Beware.”


The Price is Right Honors the 75th

Jim Kopp from the Raleigh Road Outdoor Theater has this special announcement
in Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the drive-in Theatre:

I would like to announce that PRICE IS RIGHT, America's #1 Game
show will be doing a special SHOWCASE on Friday, June 6, 2008,
in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Drive-In Theatre!
The showcase will attempt to give away a car,
but will start off with a popcorn popper.

As coordinator of the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association
75th anniversary task force, we wrote to several game shows as just
one aspect of getting the anniversary noted.
(We also hope to hear positively from JEOPARDY

The co-producer of PRICE called me last Thursday to inform us that
they had agreed to do the showcase for us. They normally don't do
showcases honoring something, he told me, but thought that the
75th anniversary of the drive-inwas very important and that it fit well
into their plans to give away a car.

The anniversary will be discussed twice, and a plug to attend a
drive-in theatre near youwill be made. SO --
be sure to watch PRICE IS RIGHT on JUNE 6th!

Jim Kopp
Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre

Like we said, The Drive-In is Alive and Well

A very good friend of ours (thanks Frank) sent us a "Heads Up" about an article
that appears
in todays edition of Variety magazine.

The article is very complimentary and flattering in acknowledging that even
though Variety
itself proclaimed the drive-in theater as either dead or dying
a few years ago, they were
in fact "dead" wrong. The drive-in movie theater is
alive and well. SoCalDIMS even receives
a small shout out (sorta) in the article.

Click over and read it for yourself.


Roof Top Drive-ins... and More!!

The following is a portion of an article that ran in the July 27, 2007 edition of the New York Times.  It's more proof that people love to see movies outdoors. The lesson here is if you can't get to a drive-in or there are no more in operation where live, then bring the drive-in experience to you and a few friends. A link to the fill article is below.

July 27, 2007

Midsummer Night’s Screen

ON a recent Saturday, as the sun set in broad pink strokes over Brooklyn, about 300 people gathered on a roof to watch a movie. But first there was music: a guitarist and a Korean singer performed, their images projected on the enormous screen. When the sky darkened and birds dove chirping around the “theater,” the audience settled in for “Crossing the Line,” a 2006 documentary about an American soldier who defected to North Korea at the height of the cold war. Afterward the film’s director, Daniel Gordon, who had flown in specially from England, did a Q&A, and then there was a courtyard reception with $1 drinks.

Only in New York, said Joy Doumis, 27, a television producer who came with her boyfriend and fellow producer, Jeremy Hammond, 29. They brought an elaborate homemade picnic of sandwiches, gazpacho, home-brewed wheat ale and Italian ices. “It’s one of the things that I appreciate most about the city,” Ms. Doumis said of the series, Rooftop Films.

A screening of “Crossing the Line,” a 2006 documentary, at the Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn.

Summer moviegoing is associated with temperature: the hot blockbuster in the icy air-conditioned theater. But in New York the season also brings movies with another setting that is, in its own way, equally cool: the outdoors.

Films are shown in parks, gardens, pools, museums and on piers. Most screenings are free, or at least cheaper than at the local multiplex, and they often feature other entertainment, like music. And on a summer evening, gathering under the stars — or the streetlights — to commune with friends and strangers on blankets and folding chairs in the glow of a classic film, has an undeniable romance, not least because it’s a truly cheap date. It’s like the urban version of a drive-in — except, of course, that it’s a walk-up.

Literally, in the case of Rooftop Films. Moviegoers climbed several flights of stairs, weaving their way through the Old American Can Factory, a former industrial complex near the Gowanus Canal that now houses artists’ studios, to see “Crossing the Line.” Rooftop Films also shows movies on the lawn of the Automotive High School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and in various locations around Manhattan.

“The Night of the Hunter” (1955), shown here at the former McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn.

Held regularly since 1997, when it began on an East Village apartment roof, and organized like a festival, Rooftop has become a destination for independent shorts, documentaries and features, the kind that might one day win honors at Sundance or Cannes. Rooftop receives 2,500 submissions annually from all over the world, said Mark Elijah Rosenberg, the co-founder and artistic director, and aims for unusual programs, like one showcasing filmmakers’ home movies. Tonight it is showing shorts from an independent animation festival at Automotive High School; an afterparty with an open bar follows. Take that, Bryant Park.

That lawn, of course, is the site of the city’s best-known outdoor cinema series, the HBO-sponsored screenings held on Mondays in the summer months since 1993. Now the park green easily reaches its capacity — about 10,000 people — for vintage comedies, musicals and other classics. (Next week’s film is the 1949 “All the King’s Men.”) The event has its own eccentric traditions, like the HBO dance (a stand-up wiggle done to the network’s theme song, played before the movie) and the mad dash to get a spot when the lawn opens at 5 p.m. (worth watching on YouTube).

Now there are screenings every night of the week in dozens of locations around town. The McCarren Park Pool, the enormous former swimming pool in Williamsburg, inaugurated a film series last year, sponsored by The L Magazine and showing hipster-approved flicks like “Repo Man” (this Tuesday). “Passport Fridays” started three years ago at the Queens Museum of Art, in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park; each internationally oriented event begins with dancing and music from local bands. Tonight is Indian night: DJ Rekha, of Basement Bhangra, will spin records, accompanied by bhangra dancers and live drumming, before a screening of “The Thread,” a 2006 Hindi drama.

The Queens Museum of Art shows "Favela Rising" on an outdoor screen.

Socrates Sculpture Park, the outdoor museum in Long Island City, Queens, that has a stunning view of the midtown Manhattan skyline, also has a program meant to highlight the ethnic and cultural diversity of its borough. Building on a theme — this year’s is music, though sometimes the theme correlates with the sculpture on view — the organizers choose a country for each week’s screening. David Schwartz and Livia Bloom, curators at the Museum of the Moving Image in nearby Astoria, select a movie, and the organizers pick a musical act and, perhaps most important, a local restaurant to match. Entrance is free, and the food is usually less than $10, said Shawn Leonardo, the park’s special events coordinator. Though Brazilian night is by far the most popular, the audiences are diverse and adventurous, Mr. Schwartz said. “It’s not just a Greek audience for Greek films,” he said.

To read the entire article follow this link: http://tinyurl.com/yt5z6w

Drive-In Box Office Gold

We wanted to share this interesting box office tidbit that should interest all you drive-in fans out there.

From Box Office Essentials, an online industry service that film studios, marketing firms and theater owners often use to get weekend box office grosses reported some very enlightening box office returns for the weekend opening of Fred Clause starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti.

 For per screen grosses covering that Friday, Saturday & Sunday…

The Vineland Drive-In in the City of Industry, California ranked #1 in the country with a weekend box office take of $19,827. In fact for the entire nation the top ten theaters ranked on Box Office Essentials website, 9 of them were drive-in theaters. And of those 9, 8 of them were right here in California.

They are in order:


1)      The Vineland 4 DI (Industry, CA) - $19,827

2)      The Van Buren 3 DI (Riverside, CA) - $14,735

3)      The Capitol 6 DI (San Jose, CA) - $11,360

4)      The South Bay Triple DI (San Diego, CA) $10,115

5)      The Mission Tiki 4 DI (Montclair, CA) $9,114

6)      The Rubidoux Triple DI (Riverside, CA) $8,575

7)      The Sacramento 6 DI (Sacramento, CA) $7,898

8)      The Solano Twin DI (Concord, CA) $7,000

9)      Permian Music City 11 (Odessa, TX) $5,372   **The Only Walk-In**

10)    The Starlite 6 DI (Atlanta, GA) $5,319    


Who says the drive-in movie theater is dead? Not these numbers. Congratulations to Pacific Theatres and DeAnza Land & Leisure for their efforts in keeping our Southern California drive-in theaters open and operating for all those devoted and loyal drive-in patrons that keep coming back to share this unique movie going experience with all their family and friends.


Happy New Year  

First Indy Poster

Another Drive-In Heads off Into The Sunset

The SkyView Drive-In
Santa Cruz is Closing.

I have some sad news for all our drive-in fans and visitors.
The lovely Skyview Drive-In in Santa Cruz will be closing
forever December 2nd.

From what we hear this is a done deal so there's really no
turning back from it's demise now. The best we can do is pay
her a visit and give her thanks for providing us
with over 50 years of wonderful family entertainment.

Visit the Skyview's website at

Well, another summer drive-in season in
Southern California has come to an end.


The core membership of SoCalDIMS would like to thank
each and every one of you that came out to our
monthly tailgate parties, visited our web site,
signed up to this e-mail list and then turned around and told
all your friends and family about us.
As we approach mid October
The Southern California Drive-in Movie Society
will take a break for the winter holiday season to allow
all of us to enjoy more time with our families and friends.


When this group first came together 3 years ago we
really had no idea where it would take us.
But, because of our love for the drive-in movie experience
and thru your support we have come a very long way
in a very short time. We have tried to keep our
gatherings fun and enjoyable for the entire family and our
established relationships with out local drive-in owners and
operators have ensured that this will continue
for the foreseeable future. We are also very proud to
have inspired a group of drive-in fans on the east coast
who gathered together to create the
Western New York Drive-In Movie Society
How cool is that! we wish them all the best.


Speaking of the future, we have a few plans on the table
that we will continue to work on thru out the
winter break including.... Merchandise exclusive to SoCalDIMS.
Each core member devotes an enormous amount of time
and effort to keep this “preservation” society up and running.
Everything from web site design to information flyers to
letter writing and photography. We do this all in our free time.
Eventually we envision a paid membership subscription service
but until that time we hope you help us spread the word
that we can be found on the web and that the
important issue is what we are about,
to ask everyone to support their local drive-in theaters.

Although SoCalDIMS will go dark for the winter,
our local drive-ins as well as many others across the
country will continue to operate so don’t be surprised
if you see our SoCalDIMS banner on a blue Dodge Caravan this winter.

On that note we would like to announce that we will
gather at the Vineland Drive-In on October 20, 2007
to say bon voyage to the summer 2007 season and to
celebrate another excellent year for SoCalDIMS.
Hope to see you there.

Introducing the WNYDIMS

Inspired directly by Sal and SoCalDIMS comes the Western New York Drive-in Movie Society or the WNYDIMS....

We have lost two drive-ins in the last 3 years. and we would prefer to not lose anymore.

Here is a press release we sent to the local media. Thanks for the tips and inspiration, Sal!

Local Drive-In Enthusiasts Announce Formation Of WNYDIMS:

October 2, 2007 (Lockport, NY) – A group of local drive-in movie enthusiasts have announced the creation of the Western New York Drive-In Movie Society or WNYDIMS for short. The group was created as a way for fans of the drive-in movie experience to gather together and share stories about their drive-in memories and to also hold regular gatherings at the remaining local drive-in theaters in Western New York. The group is currently taking new members, and there is no cost to join the organization. Anyone that is interested in getting more information is encouraged to contact WNYDIMS President George Root at wnydriveins@yahoo.com.

"The drive-in is about so much more than just the movie that we wanted to educate people about what they are missing out on," Root said. According to Root, the announcement of the closing of the Buffalo Drive-In, scheduled to happen after the 2007 season, prompted the group to begin coming together and help bring awareness to the remaining drive-in theaters. "We just want everyone in Western New York to know that there are still drive-ins open in the area, and they are worth saving. It is a whole family experience without any hassles or need for a babysitter. Where else can you get two movies for the price of one and still not have to pay for someone to watch the kids?"

The WNYDIMS hopes to spend the winter organizing in anticipation of the 2008 season. The group is not only hoping for participation from drive-in fans but also from the drive-ins themselves. "Oh, sure, we want the drive-in owners to be a part of this. After all, without them, we wouldn't have drive-in movies at all."

WNYDIMS is an organization created solely to raise awareness for the existing drive-in movie theaters in Western New York state and to give drive-in fans a place to find more people that appreciate the drive-in experience.

She's smart, talented & she loves the Drive-in

Everyone, say hello to Liana.
Liana, say hello to everyone.

Dennis Cozzalio and I met Liana a few months ago at the Vineland Drive-in snack bar on the night our very LAST "meet & greet" night.

Seems she was working on her final journalism project for the “Scene” magazine, a Cal State Northridge publication. Of all
things this young woman of the pre/post millennuim generation could have chosen to write about, Liana decided to go retro with her article and write about drive-in movie theaters. Now I am not sure if Liana even knew there were still drive-ins in or around L.A. but somehow she contacted Frank Huttinger of DeAnza Land & Leisure who own the Mission Tiki as well as a few other drive-ins in SoCal.

Thru Franks good grace he recommended to Liana that she might want to talk with these crazy folks from the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society who just happen to be having a “meet & greet” night at the Vineland on that upcoming Saturday night.

So to make a long story short this lovely and talented young woman (like how I buttered her up) sat and talked with us for the better part of 2 hours and after a follow-up telephone interview a few days later Liana promised to send Dennis and I a copy of the magazine once it was published. So all these weeks later it finally arrived (just kidding : ). Since I have one copy and Dennis has another we couldn’t possibly share it with all of you... or could we? Abracadabra and thru the miracle of the electronic phenomenon known as the internet Liana has graciously posted the entire “unedited” article on her personal blog for all of us to read and share with our drive-in friends.

On behalf of the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society we want to thank you Liana for helping us spread the word that the drive-in movie theater is alive and well and still going strong.

Read it here and pass it around:

Sal Gomez

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From us...
The Southern California Drive-In Movie Society
To you...
Thanks for joining us on Saturday night for our
Ratatouille Tailgate Party!

Look for our RatatouilleTailgate report in the next few days.
Happy 4th of July

Web Coverage For Drive-In Doc & Blogger

This appeared on the web yesterday.
Our friend /filmmaker April Wright and her
still in production documentary are the focus of this article.
You can read it here...


If your interested in more info, drop April an email or better yet,
sign up to her email list for periodic updates.

Also, SoCalDIMS member Dennis Cozzalio, who is not only
a big time drive-in fan, but he also loves movies. I mean he really loves movies.
Well, Dennis seems to be generating a large internet audiences.
Here are a couple of on-line blog articles about Dennis and his blog titled...

"Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule"

Here's one:


Here's another:


You can visit and bookmark his blog by
following this url:


On May 26th 2007

The Southern California Drive-In Movie Society

held its second tailgate party this year at the beautiful

Rubidoux Drive-In in Riverside California.


The owners of the drive-in had graciously arranged

for our group and it’s guests to arrive early

so we could select the best spots in theater 1,

home of the Rubidoux’s beautiful scope wide screen.


SoCalDims member Warren Meyers and his family

also used theis occasion to celebrate their daughter

Sam’s 18th birthday.


There was fried chicken, potato salad,

strawberry pastries & plenty of yummy cake.

So much cake was available that the Meyers began

to pass out slices to anyone within walking distance of our party


 Original SoCalDims member and current Rubidoux

projectionist/auto wrangler Jeff Thurman

stopped by to say hello and wish us well.

Thanks a whole bunch Jeff.


Special Thanks to Frank Huttinger and

General Manager Ron Bacon for their hospitality.


Oh, and the movie was pretty swell as well.

Here is a short flick of what went on that night. Enjoy!

Grindhouse and SoCalDIMS

GrindHouse Tailgate Party Wrap-up!

On April 7th 2007 SoCalDIMS kicked off a new theme
for our "Night Out" events by holding a TAILGATE Party
at the Mission Tiki Drive-in
 in honor of the release of Tarantino/Rodriguez's film
To say it was a successful night is to say the least.
It was by far the most fun we've ever had since we started
our "Night Outs" over 2 years ago.

There was food aplenty. Just like a traditional tailgate party
that you would find at a ball game there was fried chicken,
potato salad, pasta salad, an open B-B-Q, chips and plenty
of drinks to wash it all down.
And since we had made arrangements for SoCalDIMS
members to enter the drive-in early, there was plenty
of time to say hello to friends, meet new ones
and just simply have some drive-in fun before
the start of our feature presentation.

As the time approached for the film to start,
Dennis Cozzalio and I escorted Warren Meyers
to the projection booth to use the P.A. system so we
could thank all our SoCalDIMS friends and the regular
drive-in guests for coming out and supporting
the drive-in experience.

A special thank you to
Frank Huttinger and Teri Oldknow
for their usual wonderful hospitality and to
Todd Williams
and Doug Davis of
the Mission Tiki Drive-In.
What a great night and a wonderful way for all of us
 to kick-off the 2007 summer movie season....

A Visit to the Vineland - By Jim Crouch

The following is a letter posted on the Yahoo Drive-ins newsgroup. I have reprinted it here with the permission of it's author Jim Crouch.
Here is Jim's report on his first visit to the Vineland Drive-In...

Hello all. Sorry it took me a while to talk a bit about my Vineland Drive-in experience, but I had to go out of town for a couple of weeks. I had a really nice time at the Vineland Drive-in down in LA -- or the City of Industry, if you prefer. The night that I went, the movie I chose to watch was on screen #2. I liked this screen. It looked better than screen #1. That lot looked smaller and had empty boxes laying all over the ground. Screen #3 looked nice as well, with a nice big lot, and screen #4 I didn't get a good look at because it was directly behind me and behind the snack bar as well. I actually had a really good clear view of screen #1 as I watched my movie on screen #2. I thought that was cool.

 I chose to park on the very far righthand side of screen #2, and I soon learned I was in for a neat surprise. Parking on the far righthand side on screen #2 gives you a front row seat to the passing "tram" or train. It was like an above-the-ground subway that carries people to different parts of LA. This had to be the neatest thing I saw at this drive-in. I looked at my watch, and about once every hour or so, a "tram" full of people will fly by. I noticed that the people on this tram were looking out the window at all the people at the drive-in, too. That was so cool to me.

One time when the tram came by, I saluted everyone on the tram by holding up my drink in the air. lol. I had a hot dog while I was there. It was pretty good. The drive-in restrooms are different than the ones I go to here in central California -- lots of urinals to choose from. It was a big restroom. That fact that the restroom was inside the snack bar was different as well because the drive-in restrooms that I've been going to have no access to the snack bar. It's always on a different side of the building.

 I thought all the bleacher seats near the snack bar was a nice touch, too. If you get tired of hanging around your car, you can go to the bleachers.

 As you all may or may not know, I live in Bakersfield. I made the trip in 2 hours and 15 minutes. I left my house in Bakersfield at 4:00 p.m, and I got to the drive-in line at 6:15 p.m. when I told the lady at the ticket booth I came from Bakersfield, she was absolutely shocked. It was funny. I became famous. She spotted me later that night at the snack bar, and she was telling the other concession workers that I was that guy from Bakersfield.

 It would have been nice to see all the people from the SoCal DIMS, but I will return there and when I do, it will definitely be on a night that you guys have one of your meetings there.

 I left the drive-in a little past midnight at 12:15 a.m. It was about halfway through the third movie. (they played the first movie over again after the second movie). Since I lived over 2 hours way, I wanted to leave at a time where I can get home before 3:00 a.m. The plan worked. I got home about 2:30 a.m.

 Once again, I had a great time at the Vineland Drive-in in LA and will be looking forward to a return trip someday. My next drive-in adventure will be sometime within the next month or so at either the Hi-Way Drive-in in Santa Maria or the Sunset in San Luis Obispo. I will keep everyone posted.


A Special Report

KCET Fundraiser Night
at the Drive-In.

From the very begining the mission of the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society has been to make as many people aware that the classic drive-in movie experience we all remember from our childhood is still alive and well and prospering. This past Saturday night. October 14, 2006 marked the culmination of a 15 month project.

First let me fill you in on how we arrived at last nights event.

The first great push to drive our mission was to enlist the help of someone influential. We knew that to get the publics attention we would need a great deal of help from someone outside of our society. We needed someone people trusted so we focused our attention on a great local television personality that has for the last 20 years made a name for himself by telling his PBS/KCET viewers about all the special people, places and things that make our great state of California a wonderful place to live and visit and explore with family and friends. Huell Howser was a perfect fit for what we at SoCalDIMS wanted to accomplish and so we set out to peak his interest in a truly American and quintessentially Southern California experience.

After emailing Huell Howser for over 4 months we finally received a phone call from the man himself. He was definitely interested in producing a program about drive-ins.


Well not only was Huell Interested in a single drive-in show but he was also interested in setting up a fundraiser night at the drive-in that would include 2 classic movies, free popcorn and soda and a special prize for the most innovative approach to having the most people per carload. How fun is that?

So the wheels began to roll and the mission of SoCalDIMS was beginning to get some major legs under it and began to bring other influential people involved in the process. So after several emails and phone calls between SOCalDIMS member Sal Gomez and Huell Howser and his producers, Huell settled on shooting his program at the Mission Tiki Drive-In in Montclair California on the outskirts of Los Angeles, a theater owned and operated by Teri Oldknow and her family's company, DeAnza Land and Leisure Corp. Teri and her family had invested so much money, time and love into the old Mission Drive-In and transformed it into a lush and glorious Tiki paradise. The New Mission Tiki is beautiful, clean, wide open and a comfortable drive-in theater. With the help of the talented Tiki Diablo (http://www.tikidiablo.com) this theater has been reborn. Huell Howser and his production staff were so impressed with this theater that the decision was made to hold the fundraiser here.

So in August of 2006 SoCalDIMS members Sal Gomez and Dennis Cozzalio along with Teri Oldknow and Frank Huttinger met up with Huell Howser and his cameraman Cameron Tucker at the Mission Tiki Drive-In to shoot an episode of "Visiting... with Huell Howser" and what an exciting night that was for everyone, especially Huell who admitted that he had not been to a drive-in since he was a teenager.

The show turned out to be 100 times better than any one of us could hope for and it aired on KCET Channel 28 here in the Los Angeles area on the following Sunday (http://www.calgold.com/visiting). We all joined Huell Howser live in the studio for the announcement of the fundraiser night and the tickets began to sell like hot cakes.

All this brings us to last nights event. And what a turnout we had. The Martini Kings entertained the crowd in the patio area (http://www.martinikings.net) as the crowds began to roll in and line up for the free popcorn and soft drinks. SoCalDIMS was set up in the snack bar and we received many inquiry's about our society and how to join up. But the the real question on everyones lips was, "where is Huell"?

It didn't take long before the man of the evening made his first appearance and he did not disappoint his eagerly awaiting guests. By our estimation Huell stood and shook hands, autographed DVD's and other memorabilia, and posed for hundreds of photos for well over 2 hours before the first films hit the screens. Everyone in attendance seemed to have a very good time.

The members of the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society feel very proud to have been an integral part of making this night a complete success. To all of you who attended this event, thank you very much for supporting PBS and KCET, We doubly thank each and everyone of you for coming out to the drive-in and we ask that you tell your family and friends that the drive-in can still be a part of a family night out.

And we at SoCalDIMS promise that we are not done yet. Come back and visit our website, sign up to join our email list and look for updates on our society activities or drive-in news. We have a great many things planned and we would like all of you to be a part of it.

See you under the stars!