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A Tribute to Forrest J. Ackerman

Posted on December 7, 2008 at 7:08 AM

Sci-Fi and Monster fans lost one of their beloved heroes this weekend when Forrest J. Ackerman passed away at the age of 92. Famous for his creation of "Famous Monsters" magazine Mr. Ackerman inspired many impressionable young filmmakers as well as everyday teenagers and young adults by introducing them to the world of science fiction and to the monsters of movie-dom.

SoCalDIMS co-founder Dennis Cozzalio pays tribute to Forrest Ackerman on his blog, "Sergio Leone And The Infield Fly Rule." Here's an excerpt:

Forry, as he was known by those of us who never knew him (but felt like we did), lived on this earth for 92 years, and when he passed away this past week it was not unexpected news. Indeed, word of his failing health had been circulating for some time. And though during his final years he saw slip through his fingers the beloved collection that filled to bursting the halls of the Ackermansion (located in Horrorwood, Karloffornia), he lived a grand and full life. He must have gone to his final sleep well assured of his place in the hearts of everyone for whom horror and sci-fi films meant so much?because his own stewardship of those films and that of an entire generation of fans who grew up to be writers and filmmakers, as well as the appreciation of writers like myself who had to make do not with a career in film but simply with feeling his influence in almost everything I?ve ever written or thought about the genre.
To read the entire article visit Dennis' site at

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