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Viva Las Vegas at the Mission Tiki

Posted on August 25, 2009 at 2:39 AM Comments comments (0)

Turner Classic Movies and the folks from the Deanza company continued their summer run of Sunday evening classic movies under the stars with a screening of Elvis Presley and And Margaret in Viva Las Vegas at the Mission Tiki Drive-In in Montclair California.


And what a turn out there was to behold. Elvis Presley can still pack the house. Projectionist Jeff Thurman made the announcement over the FM transmitter that on this night, the Mission Tiki was proud to announce that we were part of the largest crowd for these summer classic movie night. Every gave themselves a round of applause by tooting their horns and flashing their headlights.


And then it happened... The MGM logo appeared and the music kicked up and we all sat back to watch and listen to the King of Rock n' Roll move and groove alongside the sultry and swingin' Ann Margaret. If you couldn't make it there, well then you really missed a great night.



Road Trip to the Skyline Drive-In

Posted on June 29, 2009 at 4:07 PM Comments comments (24)

The following is from Kathy Beyers, Co-Founder of the Southern California Drive-In Movie Society as she reflects on her experience traveling out to the high desert of Barstow California...

We hit the road about 11am and the drive to Barstow took just under 2 hours.  We checked into our motel and headed over to Yermo to have lunch at the nearby Peggy Sue's Diner, then visited the Route 66 museum and met up with the rest of DIMS for a nice dinner before heading over to the drive-in.


The Skyline Drive-In is one of my favorite theaters.  As the sun goes down, the twinkling lights of Barstow appear behind the main screen for a truly spectacular sight.  Both screens offer Technalight projection and the audio quality is excellent.  The snackbar has great food and a friendly staff (Flicks candy anyone?), and the restrooms have always been clean.  If the nearby Harvey House is the Casa del Desierto, the Skyline is the Diamond of the Desert - what a gem!


Randy Shull really knows how to run a theater - he has the experience and dedication to make this drive-in a first class operation. He took a few minutes to chat with our group and told us an amazing story about an opening night promotion he did a few years back, and SoCalDIMS will hopefully post the full story in the coming months. I have never heard of any theater anywhere doing what he did, and I wish I could have been there!


I always stop at the Skyline for a movie whenever I'm on my way to (and from) Vegas.  The Skyline sits just off the 15 and is within sight of historic Route 66.  Barstow is a wonderful little town, with great places to eat and a couple of museums that were very interesting.  The Motel 6 there is very quiet and has always been a great place to stay.


Our group had a wonderful time - I think we'll be making many more trips to the Skyline Drive-In and Barstow!

- Kathy Beyers.


SLIFR - Drag Me To Hell Drive-in Event

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SoCalDIMS founding member and blogger Dennis Cozzalio,

creator of Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule

has put together an exciting event at the Mission Tiki

on May 30th.

For more information on the event visit Dennis' blog at:

The event has also receievd additional internet press from

LA Observed:

Trailers From Hell - Them

Posted on December 21, 2008 at 6:44 PM Comments comments (2)

Nine years after Hiroshima the atomic chicken has come home to roost in the shape of giant ants, soon to be followed by jumbo mutant radioactive lizards, locusts, scorpions, etc. The near-biblical template for the dozens of nuclear monster movies that followed it, this is one of the most influential movies ever.- From the Trailers From Hell website presented by Joe Dante.


A Tribute to Forrest J. Ackerman

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Sci-Fi and Monster fans lost one of their beloved heroes this weekend when Forrest J. Ackerman passed away at the age of 92. Famous for his creation of "Famous Monsters" magazine Mr. Ackerman inspired many impressionable young filmmakers as well as everyday teenagers and young adults by introducing them to the world of science fiction and to the monsters of movie-dom.

SoCalDIMS co-founder Dennis Cozzalio pays tribute to Forrest Ackerman on his blog, "Sergio Leone And The Infield Fly Rule." Here's an excerpt:

Forry, as he was known by those of us who never knew him (but felt like we did), lived on this earth for 92 years, and when he passed away this past week it was not unexpected news. Indeed, word of his failing health had been circulating for some time. And though during his final years he saw slip through his fingers the beloved collection that filled to bursting the halls of the Ackermansion (located in Horrorwood, Karloffornia), he lived a grand and full life. He must have gone to his final sleep well assured of his place in the hearts of everyone for whom horror and sci-fi films meant so much?because his own stewardship of those films and that of an entire generation of fans who grew up to be writers and filmmakers, as well as the appreciation of writers like myself who had to make do not with a career in film but simply with feeling his influence in almost everything I?ve ever written or thought about the genre.
To read the entire article visit Dennis' site at

Trailers From Hell

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Director Joe Dante and a slew of his talented friends, namely John Landis and Edgar Wright and Eli Roth and so on and so on, have come together on a very special website that celebrates Movie Trailers. Each week we are treated to classic trailers from guilty pleasures such as Creature From the Black Lagoon or the House on Haunted Hill. From time to time we will try to embed select trailers from this great website. It's a whole lot of fun and we recommend you pay it a visit. Here is this weeks release. The trailer for 1974's The Towering Inferno.

New Van Buren Tower Mural

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Yesterday, September 19th 2008 the Van Buren Drive-In in Riverside California saw the installation of a spanking brand new mural onto it's very large screen tower. I'm told there is to be a formal announcement very soon on a re-grand opening of this newly made over drive-in theater. Stay tuned to our News & Stuff page for more information.

The South Bay Trip

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This was very exciting for us. On our summer tailgate schedule this was the day we were supposed to visit the wonderful Van Buren Drive-in. However when we received a request from author Michael San Giacomo asking if we would be interested in setting up a book signing during his visit to Comic-Con in San Diego well we just couldn't refuse.

We contacted Frank Huttinger at DeAnza and together we set-up the event at the South Bay Drive-in which is just a hop-skip & jump down the road from the San Diego Convention Center.

We will have more photos to share in the next couple of weeks so be sure to stay tuned.

So, without further adeau we present our South Bay trip video which includes an exclusive interview with our special guest Michael San Giacomo.

San Diego Drive-In History

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Jay Allen Sanford, a drive-in theater fan in San Diego California who also happens to be a talented writer has assembled a glorious chronology of drive-in theater history in his home town of San Diego. Before we go any further, let's read more about Jay taken directly from his bio on the San Diego Reader web site:

"Jay Allen Sanford co-created the comic book line Rock 'N' Roll Comics, and his publishing company Re-Visionary Press is known for its line of Carnal Comics; together, the two titles were among the top-selling independent comic books of the '90s. He also created the comic strip "Rock Tales," which began in Rip Magazine and now runs in Spin. Since selling off his publishing interests in 2000, he likes to scribble and type stuff every day, and rumor has it that people actually pay him to do this. For the Reader, he writes cover stories and feature articles, as well as contributing weekly to the "Blurt" music column for over a decade. He draws two comic strips created specifically for the Reader: "Overheard in San Diego" (debuted 1996) and "Famous Former Neighbors" (since 2004)." Email: Websites: and

Now, head on over to the San Diego Reader website and read this wonderful history of San Diego drive-in theaters assembled by Jay Allen Sanford and posted on his blog "Rock Around The Town" as well as the great many photos and newspaper advertisements. At the bottom of the article is a plug for our SoCalDIMS book signing event at the South Bay Drive-In on July 26th.

SoCalDIMS In Campus Circle Magazine

Posted on July 6, 2008 at 6:04 AM Comments comments (9)

Campus Circle magazine, an online entertainment resource for college students contains an article titled "Unique L.A. Movie Experiences" that lists drive-in theaters as a "must do" on their list.

The Angel City Drive-In is mentioned, as well as the Mission Tiki drive-in. The equally unique "Hollywood Mobile Movies" is mentioned as are the "Movie in the Park" in Long Beach and the "Movies at the Beach" in Newport Beach. Last but indeed no the least is the mention of the Vineland Drive-In in the City of Industry, but what makes this mention special is that the information listed for the Vineland has our very own website as the source for what is screening at this last open and operating drive-in theater in L.A. and Orange County.

The Campus Circle online magazine is also fun to look at and browse. Check it out for yourself.